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Recent Car Appraisal

Recent Car Appraisal

Recent Car Appraisal

antique auto appraisersantique auto appraisers
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Let the "car guy" appraise your car.  Don Peers is a well-known local car enthusiast has been involved with the Omaha car industry for over 33 years.  Don knows cars from personal hands on experience.  Call Don and ask him about up coming show specials.  Call 402-690-3619
Click here to read about Don's auto appraisal qualifications


Car Sale Appraisal

To establish the proper price to seek in the sale or purchase of the car.

Insurance Policy Appraisal

To properly state the value of the car to be covered by insurance.  An improper appraisal may increase your insurance premium.

Insurance Claim

To reconcile or establish the worth of the car at the time of a loss, or to satisfy the parties in the event of a dispute. A professional car appraisal today, will save you many headaches in the future.

IRS or Other Tax Agency

To comply with donor or donee requirements of gift tax regulations or to prove or settle other valuation issues.


To establish the real value at time of death.

Arbitration or Mediation

To render an impartial assessment of the vehicle value in any dispute.

Divorce Appraisal

To avoid or reconcile differences of opinion on vehicle settlements.


Rare Car Appraisals

Bugatti, TVR, Railton, McFarlan etc.

Street Rods and Custom Car Appraisals

Wild to mild we know them all.

Muscle Car Appraisals

Mustang, Chevelle, Camaro, Corvette.

Old Car Appraisals

Model T, Model A, '04 Maxwell, '22 Star etc.

New Car Appraisals

"Grey market" Vehicles, Imports, Special Editions etc.

Exotic Car Appraisals

Maserati, DeLorean, Ferrari, Lamborghini etc.

Classic Car Appraisals

Pierce Arrow, Packard, Lincoln, etc..


Need to sell your specialty car?  We recommend

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